Open consulting hours

Idea Lab
Library 2nd floor
Wed Sep 20, 2:304:30PM
Tue Sep 26, 1:304:00PM
Wed Sep 27, 2:304:15PM
Tue Oct 3, 1:304:00PM
Wed Oct 4, 2:304:15PM
Tue Oct 10, 1:304:00PM
Wed Oct 11, 2:304:30PM
Tue Oct 17, 1:304:00PM
Wed Oct 18, 2:304:15PM
Mon Oct 23, 2:304:30PM
Tue Oct 31, 1:304:00PM
Wed Nov 1, 2:304:30PM
Tue Nov 7, 1:304:00PM
Wed Nov 8, 2:304:30PM
Tue Nov 14, 1:304:00PM
Wed Nov 15, 2:304:30PM
Tue Nov 21, 1:304:00PM
Tue Nov 28, 1:304:00PM
Wed Nov 29, 2:304:30PM
Tue Dec 5, 1:304:00PM
Wed Dec 6, 2:304:30PM
Tue Dec 12, 1:304:00PM
Wed Dec 13, 2:304:30PM

Freelance software developer / designer / advisor and Mac prof Paul Cantrell makes his consulting services available for all Macalester students.

Bring your software project. Or your idea for one. Or your total lack of an idea. Or just your wish to get involved with building cool stuff.

Paul can help you with questions at any point in the project lifecycle, whether managerial, design-related, or technical:

The open consulting hours are also a great time just to come work. You can soak up the enthusiastic atmosphere, see the cool stuff that other people are building, and share what you’re up to.

Drop on in! No appointment needed.

If you’re not sure whether you should bring Paul your question, ask him! He is friendly, and loves bad puns.