In the Game of Assassins, each player is secretly assigned a random target, and must use mock weapons (often squirt guns or a tag on the back) to “assassinate” the other player. The victim is eliminated, and the successful assassin receives a new target. The game proceeds until only a single player stands victorious.

A longtime favorite of Mac students, the game is typically played over the course of several days in the stir-crazy months of winter. However, one lonely player must be left out of the merriment in order to coordinate things.

This app solves that problem by automating target assignment and kill confirmations, allowing everyone to play. How can the app automate kill confirmations? Each player has a secret “kill code.” When they agree that they’ve been successfully assassinated, they display their kill code to the assassin. When the server sees that a player has entered their target’s kill code, it knows that the assassination was successful, and assigns them a new target.