These days, everyone is constantly busy. From work, to school, family and friends, and personal time, we all struggle to keep our lives organized. Every person has a laundry list of forgotten events, form important events such as the birthday of a person close to us, an important meeting, or a flight, to even the most remedial tasks such as taking out the trash. We all have a lot to keep track of each day. We all have forgotten to do something.

Lyfe-stile is the solution to those problems. Ideally, lifestyle would be an app that includes every major tool for organization: a calendar, to-do list, contact book, appointment calendar, financial planner, alarm clock, goal/habit tracker, and even an exercise tracker. Lyfe-stile takes a holistic outlook on life and allows one to sync and track different types of events in one neat and clean interface.

I bet if you took a second, you could think of 3 things you forgot to do within the last couple of days, 2 habits you have meaning to form (or break), and 4 different exercise routines you haven’t committed to, and an alarm that you forgot to reset. With your help, Lyfe-stile can become reality to help other people and yourself.